Tips On Managing Anxiety

Is reading not always your thing? Attached below is a YouTube video of me talking about all the things you’d read here! Just a different mode of receiving information!!

Hello! It has definitely been a while since I’ve posted on here but I am glad to be back and hoping to post as often as I can or really as often as I have an idea. This specific topic idea came to me as I sat in the nap room at work earlier this week. As I watched 9 one year olds sleep for an hour and a half I had a lot of time to think in that rocking chair. My main point of thought was surrounding anxiety. Anxiety is something I personally have struggled with I think honestly since I was born. I was always worried about everything, constantly nervous about being late to things though my family was always on time if not early, suffering panic attacks before school as early as 1st grade, it has something that has always affected me. I wasn’t officially diagnosed and treated for anxiety until I was in middle school but even with that I still have days where I feel like I might not get through something because I am so anxious. With that though, specifically in the last year I have come a very long way and today I want to share 5 of my tips for managing my anxiety.

*If you are experiencing severe anxiety please seek professional help. These are just tricks I use for managing my anxiety but I am obviously not a professional and can’t guarantee improvement! Please talk to a trusted adult or professional if you need help*

Okay so let’s get into it!!

  1. Remove Yourself

My “remove yourself” I mean take yourself away from whatever you’re doing in that moment if it’s possible. This can be going for a quick walk just to get some fresh air and get out of the house or going over to a friends house. I find that sometimes sitting just in my apartment while I’m feeling anxious often just allows it to sit and brew, getting out of the house really helps me. If you’re in class and you start feeling super anxious, ask to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. Removing yourself even for a second from class can give you a minute or two to take a deep breath once you are removed from the stimulation of the classroom. Obviously you should then return to whatever you are supposed to be doing but taking these little breaks and extracting yourself can be very beneficial.

     2. Essential Oil Roll On

Okay so this one is my new obsession. I got this roll on in a little relaxation kit from Target for Christmas this year. If you know me, you know that I can’t smell and I’ve always wondered if essential oils have the same benefits for me since the scent itself wouldn’t affect me. This might be a placebo at least for me since I can’t smell the roll on but I’ll put this on before I go to sleep and any time I feel anxious. I do my wrists and my temples and sometimes right under my nose and I INSTANTLY feel calm. Like I said this 100% could be a placebo but I’ve had my friends try it too and I really think it works. If you’re looking to try something new and you’re interested in getting into essential oils, this is a great start especially because it doesn’t require a diffuser or any other devices! Give this a try and let me know if it works for you!

3. Meditate

This one is more obvious but I use this all the time when I can’t seem to get myself to calm down. This can range from just breathing exercises like square breathing which is inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, relax for 4 seconds. Or my personal favorite. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. You can do this by yourself or with an app. My personal favorite is Oak which I use before bed if I’m feeling anxious or sometimes on the bus on my way to work or class. It might take some practice and I know I’m not always successful at clearing my head enough to completely relax but overall there are a ton of benefits to meditation and just taking time to focus on breathing is something I always find to be very beneficial.

4. Find a Distraction

Now this is similar to removing yourself but doesn’t have to require that. Finding something that can temporarily take your mind off of what is making you anxious can be super helpful in managing your anxiety. Examples of this for me include, watching a show that makes me feel calm and happy like Friends or Wizards of Waverly Place (kinda stupid, I know), watching a movie, taking a shower and listening to a podcast, going on a run, talking with my friends, journaling, FaceTiming my parents, etc. These are all things that I do in moderation honestly, whether or not I’m feeling anxious but I do notice that I try and distract myself more often when my anxiety is really bad but it does help to take my mind off of what’s causing me to be anxious and sometimes completely eliminates the stress I’m feeling especially when I am feeling super anxious but I can’t seem to figure out why. Find what takes your mind away for a little bit and implement little moments into your day where you can escape whatever anxious feelings you may have.

5. Change Your Mindset

This last tip is 100% the most important, the hardest to implement and the one that took me the longest to figure out so I am sharing it with you in hopes of helping even one person grab ahold of their anxiety. That’s what this is, change your mindset surrounding you anxiety. Don’t let it be something that controls you, take control of it. The best way I know how to do this is with a little trick that took me 20 whole years to learn. This trick is not allowing myself to feel anxious about something until 5 minutes before it happens. This only works obviously with the anxiety I have surrounding new places and experiences and more controlled events that I am nervous for. For example, if I have an interview coming up that causes me to have a panic attack every time I think about it, I tell myself and remind myself that there is nothing I can do to prepare past this point and the worst part is going to be walking into that interview. I can’t walk into the interview obviously until the day of the interview so there is no point in stressing out about it until right before. Making this realization and implementing this has changed my life and really impacted the hold that my anxiety used to have over me. I’ve explained this trick to friends and now they hold me accountable and I hold them accountable. The other day I was starting to stress and get very anxious about an event I was putting on. Everything for the event was set up and ready, I was just anxious about the event itself. My friend said “Hey, 5 minutes, just like you tell me” and I was immediately brought back into that mindset and felt calm. This mindset about controlling what you can at the time you can is something I still don’t have perfected and clearly still need reminders about but if you can achieve that control over your anxiety, I promise, you will not only feel so powerful but you will also experience less anxiety and be able to live a more peaceful life.

I really hope you take these tips into consideration or that any of these things help at least one person reading this. Please let me know if any of these things help you out!

Youtube Video


Thanks for reading!


Etta Grace

Your Guide To Self Care

As someone who thinks that taking a bath can solve all problems, I felt like it was my duty to share my hacks for taking care of yourself. Are some of them dumb and basic? Yes. Will all of your problems be solved? Probably not. But will you feel better about yourself and ready to conquer whatever is going on in your life? HELL YEAH! With that I present to you Your Guide To Self Care.

Here are things to do, how to do them and what to use:)

  1. Meditate

I made it one of my new years resolutions to meditate everyday and I have pretty much stayed true to that. I typically use apps to do guided meditation since its a practice I am not super familiar with but it definitely can be done without once you know how to do it. You can also look up videos on youtube! Below are the apps I use. My favorite is the guided breath sleep one on the app Oak.




-Waking up

There are different ones you can do and usually you can adjust the length so if you only have 5 minutes to do it, there are options for that! If you really can’t make time it’s important to take times throughout your day to practice breathing either doing square breathing (in for 4 sec, hold for 4 sec, out for 4 sec, relax for 4) or 4,7,8 breathing (in for 4, hold for 7, out for 8). These are both really good exercises if you’re anxious or stressed or even just to remind yourself to breathe:)

2. Drink Water

You hear it all the time i’m sure but drinking water constantly is SO important. Some hacks if you don’t like drinking water is to get fun reusable straws to make it more fun to drink and to add things to the water to give it a little bit of flavor. To see my favorite infused waters check out my post from this past summer. How ever you can get it down the hatch, do it!

3. Exercise

This is so basic and I’m sure you see it all the time but even just going for a walk or doing a couple squats can really improve your mood. The endorphins that are released when you increase you heartrate make you feel so good. Anytime I get stressed or sad I want to lay in my bed and do absolutely nothing but I have learned that getting up and going on a walk or on the elliptical makes me feel so much better MUCH quicker than sulking in my room expecting something to change without doing anything.

4. Take Care of Your Skin

No matter what your gender is or how old you are, taking care of your skin is so important. It can seem like a chore to do when you wake up or have to do it before you go to bed but it’s such a simple thing that will make you feel so good and your skin will thank you for it. Finding a good skin care routine takes time but is key to lock down. Doing research on your skin type and finding a good cleanser, moisturizer and toner are very important. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, Walgreens, Target and CVS all have incredible skin care products for affordable prices. Like this post if you’re interested in seeing a list of my favorite drugstore skin care products.

5. Make Special Playlists or Find a Podcast

We all have our phones on us all the time and although it’s good to take a break from scrolling through social media, there are things on our phones that can be used to benefit us! I find it really helpful to make playlists that fit different vibes so that if I’m feeling upset I can listen to my playlist of songs that always improve my mood. It’s amazing how much music can change the way you’re feeling so that’s definitely something to take advantage of. Another thing I have found to be helpful when needing to ease my mind, is podcasts. Finding podcasts that I enjoy listening to totally changed how I do a lot of things, now I’m listening to podcasts while walking to class, cleaning my room, coloring, etc. It’s a great way to relieve stress but also maybe benefit from learning something depending on the podcast you pick!


Although I sometimes use this excuse too often but even the smallest little treat for yourself can change your mood. If I have had a bad week I’ll treat myself to a coffee or a treat after making it through the week. It makes getting through things easier and gives me something to look forward to. Sometimes treating myself is spending the night pampering myself and using a face mask. It can even be free things, a movie night with your girlfriends, taking a bath, finding an easy recipe to bake with things you have at your house already! It can be as simple as that.

Remember that we’re all just trying to make it through life and it’s important to not be too hard on yourself because you deserve so much better. Make sure you’re taking time to care for yourself because at the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got:)

Thanks for reading!


-Etta Grace



Easy DIY Acrylics

Don’t be intimidated by the “DIY” in the title because trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. I started doing this over the past couple months because I have a horrible habit of chipping off my nailpolish. I don’t think i’m the only one but if one nail starts to chip, check back 3 minutes later and I will have chipped all of the color off of every nail. I hate how having one chipped nail looks so I have to get it all off which gets annoying when I spend so much time painting them. I love the look of acrylics but was worried about the damage to my nails and of course, the cost. I have used imPRESS nails (pictured and linked below) and I love them. They are super easy to apply since they don’t require glue and the color selection and appearence is stunning. Since I fidget a lot and I’m constantly putting my hair up those nails would only last about a week and then one would fall off and similar to the nailpolish, I can’t have one acrylic missing so I had to take them all off. THEN I realized I could see if they sell acrylic glue anywhere and just attach those nails with the glue so they would last longer. Finding glue was easier than expected as it’s sold at Target and Walgreens and CVS. Now I buy whatever color nails I want from the imPRESS collection and put them on with the glue and I am ready to go for weeks! Another bonus of the glue is that you can reattach one if it is loose or falling off and there is little to no damage to your nails. Perfect for someone like me who would feel the need to take them all off if one was off. This hack saves so much time and money especially if you’re balling on a budget like me:)


Here is the glue I use, it is super heavy duty so avoid getting it on your skin but it won’t ruin your nails! The price is unbeatable compared to how much it costs to get acrylics dscreen shot 2019-01-13 at 5.10.12 pmone at a salon!






screen shot 2019-01-13 at 5.11.12 pm

Nails range from $5.99 to $10 and come with at least 30 nails to ensure you will find 10 that fit every finger nail size. I am always able to find the perfect match for each nail. It also comes with a small nail file I like to use to shape them a little bit once I have put them on. Sometimes there are “accent nails” in the pack but there is always an equal size normal color if you don’t want to put the accent nails on (I usually don’t)!


If even one person tries this out then this post will have been worth it so I hope you enjoyed and comment below if you give it a shot:) If you’re on the market for afforable, durable and adorable nails, this is the way to go!



-Etta Grace

Traveling to Seattle

This post is loongggg overdue but better late than never when it comes to getting to share one of my favorite trips I have ever taken. This past October I spur of the moment bought tickets to visit one of my favorite people EVER at her school in Seattle. I have always wanted to go to Seattle and I wanted to see Kate so it was a win win, not to mention, tickets were at an all time low so I had to go for it. I bought tickets for early November and started counting down the days immediately.

I arrived on a friday night and took the red eye home on Sunday night giving me two full days to see everything I could. My tour guide (Kate) made my trip SO incredible and made sure I got to see everything I wanted to while making sure I had the best food and best time. Below I’ll list my favorite places we went and include some picture:)


In the first picture you can see the BEAUTIFUL skyline at night that I got to see my first night there (major Grey’s Anatomy vibes) and then I also got to take a picture in front of Meredith/the intern’s house from Grey’s Anatomy which I was embarrassingly excited about. Still that same night that I got there we went on the ferris wheel which was so fun and also a breathtaking view. The guys working let us go around an extra time so that was exciting:)

The second day Kate took me to a cute little donut shop and we had breakfast and then got Starbucks (had to since it was Seattle)! After that we went to Pike’s Place and walked around the Farmers Market and saw the Gum Wall which I set my expectations WAY to high for but the wall was still cool haha. I also took a picture in front of a restaraunt called Etta’s! So nice of them to name a restaraunt after me:)

The last day we went to the space needle which I thought was so cool to see:) We didn’t wanna pay a ton of money to go up in it but even getting to see it up close was so cool. We still had some free time before I had to go to the airport so we went to an ADORABLE farmers market where we had the most amazing vegetable quesadillas and listened to some acapella. We took a walk down a beach and then ended the day with a day time STUNNING view of the skyline which was so pretty. After that, I went back and finished packing and then Kate and her roommate Audrey (who I bonded with SO fast) took me to church which was so enjoyable and informative. Then we went to the airport and I flew home on the red eye which was…nice haha but it was affordable so I did it:)

Overall I could not have asked for a better trip and visit and I can’t thank Kate enough for hosting me and being the amazing woman she is:) I’ll leave her instagram below, check her out because she’s the best!!


Thanks for reading!


-Etta Grace

Holiday Gift Guide

Still wondering what to ask for, for the holidays? Need something to get your sister or friends? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that would be great gifts to give or receive this holiday season:)

  1. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Sometimes good skincare projects get to be a little pricey so a great idea is to ask for one of your favorite products for Christmas so that you don’t have to spend your money on it! One of my ride or die skin care products is the Mario Badescu drying lotion so this was definitely on my list this year!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.26.41 PM

2. Comfy Teddy Jacket

I recently purchased this for myself and I have been OBSESSED with it. I linked the one I have, it’s from Amazon and is definitely a lot more affordable than ones I’ve seen on other sites! Comes in a couple other colors as well and is just as comfy as it is cute.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.29.12 PM


3. Bullet Journal and Markers



If you are someone or you know someone that likes to be creative and organized, this is the perfect gift. I often look on Pinterest for ideas of what templates to use in my bullet journals but it’s become one of my favorite pass times and you can really do whatever you want with it!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.33.38 PM.png

4. Morphe Pallete


For yourself or other fellow makeup lovers, a morphe pallete is a great gift idea. You can get so many shades for a great price and the quality is incredible. There are several different pallettes with different shades, the picture below is my personal favorite:)

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.35.47 PM.png


5. New Robe or Slippers

Not much to say about this one. You can’t go wrong with comfy things you can wear!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.37.18 PM

6. Redbubble Stickers

If you know someone really well you can challenge yourself to pick out stickers your friends would like or write a coupon offering to pay for the ones they want to pick out! I have ordered from redbubble too many times but I am always pleased with my stickers and if you know me you know they cover my laptop and waterbottles.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.38.31 PM.png

7. Hydroflask or Nalgene

This gift could be paired with the Redbubble stickers since it’s fun to personalize a water bottle! Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a nice water bottle. Especially in the winter, it is so important to stay hydrated so why not do that with a cute water bottle!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.39.37 PM.png

8. Initial Necklace

I recently bought one of these with an E on it and I absolutely love it. It is so minimalistic and dainty I just had to have it. I wear mine every day and I get so many compliments on it. Definitely, something a friend would love or something to ask for this holiday season.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.40.39 PM.png


9. Cute Luggage Tag

If you know someone who travels, get them a cute, personalized luggage tag! A super cute way to spice up regular old luggage and be able to keep track of your stuff.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.41.48 PM.png

10. Q and A a day journal

One of my favorite things I own is my Q and A a day book. This book/journal asks you a question every day for 365 days and then the next year you start the book over again, answering the same question you answered on that day a year before. I think this is such a unique and fun idea, This January I’ll be starting my 3rd year filling mine out and I get so excited to read what I have written in previous years. A gift that I know a ton of people would find so exciting to receive.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.43.01 PM

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on what to add to your wish list or to get for your friends and family! Even though this is a gift guide, there is a lot more to the holiday season than gifts so make sure to hug your family and spend time with them:)

Happy Holidays!

-Etta Grace


Curology Review

In middle school when most people hit puberty and start getting acne I still had pretty even skin with very few blemishes if any but once I hit my senior year of high school that all changed. Getting acne my senior year of high school was tough because by then all of my friends who had the same struggles had already been put on medication or their hormones had balanced out and they didn’t have skin problems. My skin mainly was just textured on my forehead and checks, I didn’t have a lot of pimples but the textured skin was red and I did not feel comfortable going out in public without makeup on. I also have the horrible habit of picking at my skin, I would pick the bumps causing skin lesions and scarring my face. It was a vicious cycle because I would wear makeup to cover the bumps and then pick the bumps meaning I had to wear more makeup which would in turn cause even more clogged pores. I love doing face masks and they work from time to time but I never had a long period of time when I felt my skin looked really good UNTIL I started using Curology. Curology is an online company that assigns you a dermatologist based on the pictures you submit and a questionnaire you fill out about your skin concerns. From that, the dermatologist gives you a unique formula specific to fit your skin needs. Your first bottle is free you just have to pay $4.95 for shipping. Your assigned dermatologist checks in throughout your first month to see if the product is working for you. If it doesn’t you can easily cancel your subscription by getting in contact with the company. After the first month it’s $19.95 a month. I find that this price is very reasonable considering how much money I would spend on skin care products trying to find the right product. I now have a product that I KNOW works for my skin. I recommend Curology to anyone that even has the smallest skin imperfections that they want to treat. When I first started Curology my skin wasn’t at its worst but I still didn’t feel confident in public without makeup on. Now I rarely wear any face makeup and I feel so comfortable and confident in my skin:) Check out my instagram @etta_winje for pictures of my skin after using Curology for a month!

-Etta Grace

10 Affordable Things To Do With Nanny Kids

Nannying. The ideal summer job for high school and college students but lets face it, two weeks in, you’ve already played all the board games in their house and gone to every park within a 3 mile radius. After nannying for over 2 years, I have had to become very creative with activities and places to go. I have compiled a list of 10 things to do or places to go that my nanny kids really enjoy! Hope this helps you and your young ones have an exciting summer!IMG_0482


  1. Humane Society

Going to the humane society was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger and my nanny kids have found the same love for it that I have. The closest humane society to us is about 20 minutes away but it’s always worth it. The kids love getting to play with the cats and dogs and see if there are any other special animals looking to be adopted such as chinchillas and birds. If you’re older than 16 you can ask to take a dog or cat into a private room to play with them. Something fun we’ll do is visit the humane society website before we go to see what animals are there, that way when we arrive we can look for certain animals we saw online! Although it can be kind of a sad place to go, my nanny kids are always overjoyed when there is a sign on a cage that says “Hooray! I’m on hold for adoption”. This is such an entertaining and fun place to go and it’s free!


2. Dog Park

For this activity it is necessary to have a dog with you, either their dog or if you have a dog you could take yours as well. There are several off leash dog parks in Minnesota, some do require a license for the dog but it is very easy to obtain and definitely worth it when you see how much fun the dog and kids will have. There are also free dog parks that don’t require a license so just look into that before going! It’s a big open space that the dog and the kids can run around in, and they can interact with other dogs that are there. Bring a ball if your dog likes to play fetch because that’s always fun to get the kids involved in the experience! Don’t forget a doggy bag!

3. Scavenger Hunt

This is an activity I tried with my nanny kids last week and they absolutely loved it, I think i’ll have to make up another one again soon. Scavenger hunts are always a fan favorite and if you offer a reward, the kids will get even more into it. The scavenger hunt we decided to do was a photo scavenger hunt which meant we had to find what was on the list and take a picture of the kids in front of it, when we found all of the things the reward was an ICEE (life hack: get it from SuperAmerica, it’s only 79 cents)! The options for scavenger hunts are endless and are super easy to make up or find online! Here are some examples of what was on our list: white picket fence, American flag, cool mailbox, road work ahead sign, a bridge, colorful flowers, a school, and a yellow car. The list can be as long or as short as you want and could be made easier or more difficult depending on the age of the kids. The kids I did it with are 9, 10 and 12 and they had a lot of fun remembering where they have seen things and coming up with places to go!


4. The Zoo

A classic but always a good time. The zoo is also a fan favorite and could be combined with a scavenger hunt for some extra fun. Almost every kid I’ve ever met likes animals and kids love getting to see their favorite ones. Minnesota has both the Como Zoo and the Minnesota Zoo. The Como Zoo is free with a recommended donation of about $3 a person and the Minnesota Zoo is 12-18$ depending on the age. Both zoos have a lot to offer but I prefer the Como Zoo mainly based on price! Helpful tip, eat lunch before and pack snacks and water because I guarantee the kids will want to get ice cream or cotton candy there and it’s definitely not worth $4 to buy a bottle of water!


5. Colored Smoke Bombs and Pop-its

A favorite of mine and my nanny kids over the past 2 years has been smoke bombs and pop-its. I buy these at Target but I’m sure you can get them at Walmart or Costco and places like that. These items are incredibly affordable, smoke bombs are $2 for 8 and pop-its are $1 a box for a TON of pop-its. Both items you can’t purchase unless you are 18 but are very easy to use if you are 16 or older. The smoke bombs require a lighter so I would recommend that the nanny do this rather than the kids. They are super easy to ignite and they let off insanely pigmented smokes that don’t stain clothes or the driveway! Pop-its’ are just fun little things that make a cool sound when you throw them against the ground! Make sure the kids pick up the little papers left behind from the pop-its or you’ll find them on the driveway for months!


6. Make Something They Like

Something my nanny kids LOVE is soda, so something we did last summer was make our own “Sprite”. I went online and found a super simple recipe linked here. The kids had so much fun pouring in the ingredients and then getting to drink it after! It was a fun and healthier way for them to enjoy one of their favorite refreshing drinks!

7. Mini Road Trip

If you’re like me and are with your nanny kids for a large chunk of the day, it can be very beneficial to find something to do that takes up a few hours. Something we did last year was plan a little trip at the end of June that the kids could look forward to. We decided to go to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. This is about a 45 minute drive but the kids brought pillows and actually ended up sleeping the whole way there (this is also a time and place to pack snacks and water). The kids were so excited, because who doesn’t get excited about candy? Not only did we have a fun drive there and back but our time at the candy store was a blast! It can be very big and overwhelming but your destination for your road trip could be adjusted depending on timing or what the kids want to do! Again, this was such a fun experience for both me and the kids! Just make sure you have an appropriate playlist ready to go:)


8. The Library

A very simple place to go that can sometimes be a struggle to get kids to want to go to it the library.  I have noticed that once we are there they always have fun. My rule is that the kids have to pick at least one book that is their reading level and then they can also pick an easier and more fun book to read. Going to the library is really fun, and I usually get a book as well, which makes it fun for me too! Almost everyday we have 30 minutes of “quiet time” where they can either sit in their room and read or listen to music they just have to chill for about 30 minutes. Since we go to the library a couple times a month, they always have a book to read during that time and i’ve found that depending on the book they pick, there are times when they extend their 30 minutes without being prompted, just to read more!


9. Dollar Movies

A perfect idea for a rainy day or just if you have a break during a busy week of camps and sports is to go to a cheap movie theater or set up a “movie theater” at the house! A movie theater in MN I highly recommend is the Hopkins Mann Theater. Tickets are $2.50 a piece, a price you can’t beat! They show movies that have been in theaters for awhile or are recently out of theaters which is why the prices are $10 cheaper than most theaters! This is a super fun activity especially if they’re playing a movie the kids really want to see! You can enjoy a movie and have a movie theater experience without breaking the bank! Another option is to pop some popcorn and just throw on a movie at home! This is an even more affordable option and can be more fun since you usually have more movie options to choose from!

10. Chutes and Ladders

One of my favorite places to go as a kid was a HUGE outdoor playground in Bloomington called Chutes and Ladders. This park is filled with slides, things to climb, rope courses and even a water element. It’s free to go to and provides hours of endless fun for the kids. We usually pack a picnic lunch so when the kids need a little break, we refuel and then they’re back to playing ASAP! There are concessions there so something we usually do is get an ice cream treat on our way out if it’s a hot day!


I hope this gives you some ideas on some fun and different things to do with your nanny kids! If there are any activities you’ve found your kids like, please comment them! I am always looking for new things to do:)

Thanks for reading!

-Etta Grace