Your Guide to Quarantine

Hello! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I know the world feels so crazy and unreal right now. At least for me I have been having a hard time grasping reality and feeling like I’m just existing and not truly living because it’s hard to understand everything that is happening right now. With that, I have been trying to fill my days with fun things to look forward to and accomplish so that I don’t feel like I’m throwing days away or just simply existing. I wanted to share 10 of the things I have been doing the most during these last couple weeks and I hope it inspires you to try something new or rediscover old hobbies:) As stated in the incredible 2006 film, High School Musical ” We’re All in This Together”.

  1. Make Dalgona Coffee (aka TikTok Whipped Coffee)IMG_7132

Yes I am not going to lie, I saw this on TikTok and decided I HAD to try it and it was just as amazing as it looks. The recipe I followed the first time was a little too much caffeine for me so everyday since then I have cut the recipe in half. Here is the recipe I use now.

1TBSP of Instant Coffee (has to be instant coffee, can’t be grounds)

1 TBSP of Granulated Sugar

1 TBSP of Hot Water

Mix with a whisk, hand mixer or milk frother (that’s what we use)

Mix until it is the consistency of slightly melted peanut butter. It takes awhile but it is SO worth it.

Then pour over ice and milk of your choice! We use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk!

    2. At Home Photoshoots 

My sister and I did one of these the other day with a stool, a mirror and a little lamp for Processed with VSCO with e3 presetextra lighting and ended up getting some really cool shots. You can also look on Pinterest for indoor photoshoot ideas and edit the pictures for free in VSCO or even just in photos, there are a ton of free editors you can use! Here’s one of my favorite pics we got, this was taken in my sisters bedroom.



     3. Try Dirty Pour Painting

This is something I had seen videos on and always wanted to do but I wasn’t really sure how to do it. After watching more and more videos I learned that sometimes it works to use dish soap so I thought I’d give it a shot with some left over paint I had from a project. What I did was fill a cup with a little bit of Dawn Dish Soap andIMG_7485 I then put in my first bit of acrylic paint and I mixed the soap and paint. After that I altered colors and continued layering the paint into the cup WITHOUT mixing. Once I felt I had enough and I actually ended up using too much but it’s all kind of experimental, I tipped the cup onto the canvas upside down. Then lifted the cup and tipped the canvas to spread the paint. The way the soap reacts with the acrylic paint made the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and it took little to no effort.



 4. Start and Finish a Coloring Book

The other day I ordered a Spiroglyphic Coloring Book you can get them on  Amazon and probably other places but right now you might have to order it online since you might not be able to go out and buy it. IMG_7488This coloring book is super unique though, I don’t even know if I would consider it a coloring book since you typically only use one color per picture but it is a great way to practice patience and keep yourself occupied. The day I got it I spent 6 hours doing 3 pictures but it was so worth it. I encourage you to find a coloring book you have or get a new one and try to color as many pages as possible during this quarantine.



     5. Bake Something (literally anything)

This feels like kind of a given but it really is a great way to pass some time! It also is a great time to experiment with recipes you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had time to. I highly recommend going on Pinterest and looking up fun recipes or even just buying  a box mix of some sort the next time you are at the grocery store picking up essentials. It also is so satisfying to eat something you baked or cooked yourself so I highly recommend doing this!

     6. Repurpose Old Clothes 

My new obsession is tie dye bleaching shirts and sweatshirts. This can be done with clothes you already have or you can order a sweatshirt on amazon for under $10 and bleach that! Darker colors work best for bleach tie dying but I tried a light green the other day and it still turned out well. PLEASE be careful if you are using bleach, use gloves and dilute the bleach with 1 part water to every 1 part bleach. You can spiral your shirt or tie it how ever you want (this is exactly like wrapping a shirt to tie dye). My recommendations are to use less bleach than you think and put it into a squirt or spray bottle of some sort so you have more control over where the bleach is going. Let it soak up the bleach for 8-10 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Immediately put it in the wash ALONE and wash it and dry it as usual! Again be super careful with bleach, don’t wear anything you don’t want to get bleach on because it works super quickly!


     7. Bike Ride/Walks

If you have family or roommates around invite them along on a walk or bike ride. It is so important to still be getting fresh air during this time. I know you can’t do all the things you used to be able to do but if it’s safe for you to step outside your house, take a walk around the neighborhood or bike to a mural or something in your town so you have a destination, it makes it more exciting. I try to go for a walk everyday and if I don’t I at least sit outside for a little bit if it’s nice enough out! Step outside, take a deep breath, I promise, it’ll feel so good!

     8. Movie Night 

Another one that can be even more enjoyable if you have family members you are living with or roommates but also fun alone! Plan a movie night. I have been trying not to watch too much during the day but I do save my nights to binge shows or watch a new movie. My watchlist so far includes Frozen 2, The Society (show but HIGHLY recommend), Moulin Rouge, Tiger King (also a show, I’m sure you’ve heard of it), What Happened to Monday?, Knives Out, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. These are new movies and old movies to me but I have enjoyed everything I have watched so far. It’s fun to go back and watch movies you used to love and to look up new ones that interest you!

      9. Redo Your Playlists

I did this the other day and WOW it took me a while to do it but it was so worth it. I use Apple Music (controversial I know) but I put new images as the covers of each playlist, added music to playlists, changed the titles of some of them etc. It was so fun and now it is super refreshing to look at. Just an idea of something to pass the time and switch things up a bit!


     10. Make TikToks 

Not even embarrassed by this. It’s an incredible way to pass time, REALLY time flies when you’re watching them or making them and the possibilities are endless. You can learn the dances, make sketches, jump on a trend, make your own trend, there are so many things you can do and you never even have to make it public. Although you can keep them private, making them public can be fun because everyone has a chance to be on the “For You Page” so anyone can see your video not just your followers which is super fun because then people you don’t even know hype you up in the comments and it overall is a really fun time.