Traveling To Michigan!

I had this post in my drafts for quite some time and considering it’s been almost a year since this trip I figured it was TIME to post it!! This traveling post is a little different than my other posts because it was a work trip but we did vlog and it was quite the experience so I wanted to share! I work for a company called Just For Kix that does a ton of different things in the dance world but for this trip, my friend Kallie and I were teaching a weekend intensive in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I won’t give too much away, you should watch the vlog because it’s a hoot and a half but a little preview is that, due to weather we were stuck there for 2 extra days and our transportation was going to be Ubers but the town was so small that Uber didn’t exist there…hopefully that intrigues you to watch the video:)

HUGE shoutout to Just For Kix for making sure we had places to stay and were taken care of when Mother Nature was having a meltdown! If you know me, you know my heart belongs at JFK so look forward to more JFK vlogs on my Youtube channel this summer!

Thanks for reading!


-Etta Grace