How to Feel More Put Together

We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it till you make it” but why fake it if you can quickly feel like your life is put together? I am a big fan of doing little things that make my day better,  make me feel accomplished, organized and just all around like I’m doing something right. Looking at my life, it probably doesn’t look put together but these are some things I do to personally just make myself feel better so I wanted to share!

  1. Wash your sheets

Hopefully you’re doing this already…BUT if you just need an easy way to feel clean and put together, clean your sheets or change them to something different! Nothing feels better than getting into a bed with clean and comfy sheets at night and you’ll feel so much better seeing a nice made bed, with clean sheets on it.

2. Vacuum

Another one that I’m hoping you do anyway but if you want a quick accomplishment, vacuum your room or living room. Even if the carpet doesn’t look too dirty, it always looks so good and fresh after being vacuumed and maybe it’s just me but vacuuming is oddly satisfying and you’re cleaning while you’re doing it!

3. Change something up

I’m not saying do something crazy like dyeing your hair or giving yourself bangs (trust me I’ve learned the hard way) but even something as simple as rearranging your room, buying a new scented candle, reorganizing your makeup, etc. I’m someone who doesn’t like change but LOVES redecorating and rearranging just to switch it up a little. I almost do it as a fresh start as if just putting my bed in a different spot in my room changes how I do everything. It sounds crazy but even changing the smallest thing can make you feel like a whole new person.

4. Have a pamper night

If you didn’t get a chance to read my post about your guide to self care, you should definitely check it out because it is perfect for this point. Taking a night a week or even just a couple a month to do a face mask or take a bath with a bath bomb allows you to relax and do something good for yourself. Even better, wash your sheets and then take a bath, getting into bed after that is sure to make you feel great.

5. Become a planner person

If you don’t already use google calendar or have a planner…this is your sign to start. I used to get cute planners for school and RARELY use them but this year I forced myself to become a planner person. I personally prefer a hard copy, paper planner and there are so many cute and cool ones literally everywhere, I got mine at target. I write EVERYTHING in there. Not only do I have everything written in the calendar part but in the individual day part I have constant checklists with everything from homework I need to do to showering. I don’t need to put that in to remind myself but I do it so that I can cross it off and feel accomplished. Again, I know that sounds crazy but I get so much more done when I write it in my planner and I feel so accomplished if I’ve done all of the things I wrote on my list.

6. Switch your phone background

I used to always have pictures as my phone background and that’s fun and cute but also can be a lot to look at when notifications show up on your lock screen and it can be overwhelming. I recently changed my lock screen and home screen to cool and simplistic backgrounds and I swear I felt like a new person. Click on the circles below to see some of my favorite backgrounds but even just going on Pinterest and finding something you like looking at but is simple, is so fun and makes you feel refreshed and ready to accomplish so much, simply because your phone background is enjoyable to see.


7. Make a simple but delicious recipe

I don’t care if you rely on toast and mac and cheese to survive because you don’t know how to cook, it doesn’t have to be hard! Look up easy recipes that create delicious meals and challenge yourself to do it! Like this post if you want to see a post on reviews of easy recipes for college students and I’d be happy to do it! Anyway, making something and then seeing the finished project and getting to enjoy it is such a great feeling and it definitely makes you feel like you have your life together and you feel like you might actually survive life as an adult:)

8. Set a morning routine

Starting every morning with 10 minutes of meditation, listening to a podcast or having a cup of tea or coffee gets your mind and body ready to conquer the day. Knowing when you’re going to sleep the night before, exactly what’s going to take place when you wake up helps you rest easier at night and gives you a reason to get up in the morning that might be more enjoyable than having to go to school or work. Even though you might have to get up a few minutes earlier, you will feel already accomplished right after getting up and you’ll be prepared for a successful day!

I hope this list helps you out or if anything, was fun to read. I really rely on these things to keep myself feeling like I have at least some control on this crazy life we live.

Thanks For Reading!


-Etta Grace