Holy Grail Curly Hair Products

Since I’ve had curly hair for almost 20 years and I’ve been in charge of managing it on my own for at least 11 years, I feel like I kind of know what I am talking about when it comes to managing curly hair. I don’t have the curliest hair ever but its most definietly not straight and using the right products really changed my hair game.

First thing to figure out about your hair is what kind of hair you have. You wouldn’t use crayons on a canvas, or oily skin care products on oily skin so don’t use products that target a different hair type. Now once you recognize your hair type there are hundreds of products for each type so do your research.

I straightened my hair every day in middle school and I still do too often so I use products that help any damage, prevent damage and make my curls prettier than ever. If you have curly hair I would recommend ANY of these products because I promise they will change your life.


screen shot 2019-01-13 at 6.35.49 pmscreen shot 2019-01-13 at 6.35.39 pm

I’ve used two different ones and I’ll link them both below. The blue one is my favorite and was the first one I ever tried. My curls after looked INCREDIBLE and so hydrated and bouncy. You should switch up shampoos and conditioners every once and awhile so I wanted to try the brown bottle that is said to help control frizz. This type also hydrated my hair and made my curls very precise and I would recommend it, but between the two I would recommend the blue!



screen shot 2019-01-13 at 6.39.33 pmIf I could only use one product ever again it would be this product. It has changed mylife, my hair and my confidence in my curls. I recommend it to as many people as possible and everyone I have told about it, loves it. It helps hold your curls without leaving them feel crunchy and stiff. My curls look the prettiest when I use it and I always get comments on the smell of my hair and my curls when I have it in. I HIGHLY recommend this product if you decide to get anything from this list. It is on the pricier side for a drugstore hair product but a little bit goes a long way and depending on how much hair you have, it can last several months!



Pillow Soft Curls


Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 6.41.26 PM.pngI don’t use this product as much as I use pillow soft curls but it is one I reach for if I want more distressed and wavy curls rather then more ringlet curls. I have been using this product forever and would even recommend it if your hair is wavy to really enhance and hold the waves throughout the day.



screen shot 2019-01-13 at 6.50.15 pmYou probably know about Wet Brushes but they are ESPECIALLY helpful if you have curly hair. If you’re like me, you can only brush your hair when its wet unless you wanna look like Hagrid. Brushing your hair when it’s wet isn’t the best for it but with a wet brush the bristles are so gentle, you won’t feel like you are damaging your hair at all when you are using it and the many bristles really help untagle all of those knots.








Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 6.51.53 PM.pngLike I said earlier I used to straighten my hair everyday and I still do it at least once if not twice a month especially as it’s getting longer but I want to make sure I’m causing as little damage as possible. There are tons of heat protectants, I’ve linked my favorite below but honestly anytime you’re using heat you should use a protectant. I used to think I was above using a protectant and I fried the ends of my hair so find one you like and use it whenever you’re going to blow dry or straighten your hair. This helps it look better when straightened and keeps your ends from looking gross when it’s curly again:)



screen shot 2019-01-13 at 6.53.18 pmSomething I don’t use too often but I LOVE when I do is the Batiste dry shampoo. Having dark hair, it is hard to use dry shampoo because you have to work it into your hair a ton and even then it still has a gray tint to it. Batiste has a brown tinted dry shampoo that changed my life. You can’t see it in my hair and it blends so nicely just with a little bit of working in. No more greasy OR gray looking hair for those dark haired beauties out there:)






screen shot 2019-01-13 at 6.56.33 pmI mentioned this in my fall favorites but it is still my favorite thing ever. If you have curly hair you know it takes FOREVER to grow and no matter how long it is when its straightened or wet, once it curls you loose at least 3 inches. I have always wanted long, healthy, curly hair and I can now acheive that as my hair has gotten longer since taking biotin. For more info on it check out my fall favorites!




I hope maybe you found a new product you want to try and that you love it as much as I do:) Us curly haired girls have to stick together and I am always looking for new products to try so feel free to comment your favorite products below:)


-Etta Grace