Traveling to Seattle

This post is loongggg overdue but better late than never when it comes to getting to share one of my favorite trips I have ever taken. This past October I spur of the moment bought tickets to visit one of my favorite people EVER at her school in Seattle. I have always wanted to go to Seattle and I wanted to see Kate so it was a win win, not to mention, tickets were at an all time low so I had to go for it. I bought tickets for early November and started counting down the days immediately.

I arrived on a friday night and took the red eye home on Sunday night giving me two full days to see everything I could. My tour guide (Kate) made my trip SO incredible and made sure I got to see everything I wanted to while making sure I had the best food and best time. Below I’ll list my favorite places we went and include some picture:)


In the first picture you can see the BEAUTIFUL skyline at night that I got to see my first night there (major Grey’s Anatomy vibes) and then I also got to take a picture in front of Meredith/the intern’s house from Grey’s Anatomy which I was embarrassingly excited about. Still that same night that I got there we went on the ferris wheel which was so fun and also a breathtaking view. The guys working let us go around an extra time so that was exciting:)

The second day Kate took me to a cute little donut shop and we had breakfast and then got Starbucks (had to since it was Seattle)! After that we went to Pike’s Place and walked around the Farmers Market and saw the Gum Wall which I set my expectations WAY to high for but the wall was still cool haha. I also took a picture in front of a restaraunt called Etta’s! So nice of them to name a restaraunt after me:)

The last day we went to the space needle which I thought was so cool to see:) We didn’t wanna pay a ton of money to go up in it but even getting to see it up close was so cool. We still had some free time before I had to go to the airport so we went to an ADORABLE farmers market where we had the most amazing vegetable quesadillas and listened to some acapella. We took a walk down a beach and then ended the day with a day time STUNNING view of the skyline which was so pretty. After that, I went back and finished packing and then Kate and her roommate Audrey (who I bonded with SO fast) took me to church which was so enjoyable and informative. Then we went to the airport and I flew home on the red eye which was…nice haha but it was affordable so I did it:)

Overall I could not have asked for a better trip and visit and I can’t thank Kate enough for hosting me and being the amazing woman she is:) I’ll leave her instagram below, check her out because she’s the best!!


Thanks for reading!


-Etta Grace