Curology Review

In middle school when most people hit puberty and start getting acne I still had pretty even skin with very few blemishes if any but once I hit my senior year of high school that all changed. Getting acne my senior year of high school was tough because by then all of my friends who had the same struggles had already been put on medication or their hormones had balanced out and they didn’t have skin problems. My skin mainly was just textured on my forehead and checks, I didn’t have a lot of pimples but the textured skin was red and I did not feel comfortable going out in public without makeup on. I also have the horrible habit of picking at my skin, I would pick the bumps causing skin lesions and scarring my face. It was a vicious cycle because I would wear makeup to cover the bumps and then pick the bumps meaning I had to wear more makeup which would in turn cause even more clogged pores. I love doing face masks and they work from time to time but I never had a long period of time when I felt my skin looked really good UNTIL I started using Curology. Curology is an online company that assigns you a dermatologist based on the pictures you submit and a questionnaire you fill out about your skin concerns. From that, the dermatologist gives you a unique formula specific to fit your skin needs. Your first bottle is free you just have to pay $4.95 for shipping. Your assigned dermatologist checks in throughout your first month to see if the product is working for you. If it doesn’t you can easily cancel your subscription by getting in contact with the company. After the first month it’s $19.95 a month. I find that this price is very reasonable considering how much money I would spend on skin care products trying to find the right product. I now have a product that I KNOW works for my skin. I recommend Curology to anyone that even has the smallest skin imperfections that they want to treat. When I first started Curology my skin wasn’t at its worst but I still didn’t feel confident in public without makeup on. Now I rarely wear any face makeup and I feel so comfortable and confident in my skin:) Check out my instagram @etta_winje for pictures of my skin after using Curology for a month!

-Etta Grace