Give Me Some Nude Lip

Although I don’t wear lip products very often, when I do I can guarantee you it’s probably some shade of nude. Over the past year I have collected several brands of lipsticks and glosses that are all very similar in color but recently purchased the holy grail of lip sets. Sephora often does launches of sets called “Sephora Favorites”. These often contain 5 or 6 small products from different brands that you buy all together. Some examples of products they have include, mascara and perfume. As soon as I saw this favorites set I knew I had to get it! I am someone who loves trying new products so having several small sized products to try for a great price is a win win. Also, this set includes one full sized matte lip gloss. The set as you can see in the pictures, varies from pinky nudes to more orangey nudes. It includes two matte lip glosses, 3 creamy lip sticks and a lip plumping gloss. My favorite thing to do is put on one of the matte lip glosses or the lip sticks and put the Buxom lip gloss over it. I also will throw the gloss on alone if i’m doing more of a natural look. Overall, getting 6 lipsticks for $28 is such a steal, especially since most full sized lipsticks cost $28 alone. All 6 lip products are from higher end makeup brands and are very good quality. It’s also a great way to test lipsticks if you are looking to buy a full one but want to test some shades out first! If you love lip products or just like playing around with makeup, this is the set for you!

Thanks for reading!

-Etta Grace