The Extroverted Introvert

I’ve known the words extrovert and introvert for several years now but never felt like I was entirely one or the other. One day I heard someone using the terms, extroverted introvert, and introverted extrovert. I figured I probably fit into one of those categories. Recently I decided to actually look into which of the categories I fell under and came to the conclusion that I am an extroverted introvert. In simple terms it means that I like to be alone, a lot. I have a hard time being in social events for long periods of time and I prefer to hang out in smaller groups of people. That’s more of the introverted side. The extroverted side does show occasionally when I do want to go out and hang with friends or go to a party. I will have a good time when I am out but having that time to myself is crucial for an extroverted introvert to stay sane and comfortable. I wish I had known that I was an extroverted introvert in middle school. I didn’t always want to go and hang out with everyone and go to football games with a bunch of people and I always figured I was just a loner. I wouldn’t want to hang out with people not because of them but just because I wanted to stay home and that feeling made me feel like something was wrong with me. Now that I know that a ton of the people think like I do I feel so much better. I like going out even more now because I’ve learned to respect my social environments while also looking forward to the time I’ll get to spend alone later. I sometimes still envy extroverted people but thats just not who I am and I need to learn to stop trying to force myself to be one. I have a ton of respect for introverts, extroverts and every mix and combination and I encourage you to figure out what you are and embrace it in every way.

-Etta Grace