Negative Attitudes

After a long discussion with my parents about something near and dear to my heart they gave me their final answer…no. Obviously no one likes the word no but this answer frustrated me more than anything. I had been having a great day and then this just put me in the worst mood. I immediately began giving my parents the silent treatment and being super angry and slamming doors and being very passive aggressive. I then had to go to dance team but at this point all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and sleep. I had no motivation to try at practice and all I could think about was being sad and upset with my parents. I kept saying to myself that I hate my parents and that I wish I could move away from them. My head was so wrapped around this one small thing that happened in my day that I couldn’t focus on what I was supposed to be doing. Coaches and teachers have always told me to leave whatever is happening at the door. I have always had the hardest time with that. It is a hard task to forget what just happened and focus on what you should be. About half way through practice after dancing my heart out I realized I wasn’t as upset as I was before. I was still frustrated at my parents but I realized I didn’t hate THEM I just didn’t like their decision. Somehow, whether it was because I distracted myself with dance or I just tried really hard to leave it at the door, I managed to end practice dancing the hardest I ever have. When I was with my parents again after practice I was talking and laughing with them and not ignoring them. Shuting people out because you’re mad at them doesn’t get you anywhere and that is something I really discovered today which is sad because I’m a teenager and I wish I had known that earlier but thats okay because I know it now and that’s all that matters.  It made me realize that if I let these little negative things in my life take over my entire attitude I’m going to end up leading a very negative life. It also made me realize how much I love dance because it can take my mind off of whatever is bothering me and I can let my anger out by hitting movements sharper and things like that. I’m sure there are parts of every sport that will relieve stress. I challenge you to stop and think next time you’re upset with someone to stop and think “Is being upset with this person really worth ruining my entire day?”  Also you should tell your parents you love them because I can’t imagine if something had happened to them and the last thing that happened was me ignoring them and wishing they weren’t my parents. That’s what I learned today and thought I would share:)

-Etta Grace