So I was babysitting tonight and was told by one of the innocent 6 year old girls that she now has not 1, not 2, but 3 boyfriends!!! And one of them is her cousin…it brought me back to the days in preschool when every boy I played with on the playground was my boyfriend, except for the one that throwing rocks at me well maybe I thought he was my boyfriend too? Who knows? Anyway I was reminded of childhood and how we assumed that people liked us and wanted to play with us. I find that one of my biggest struggles nowadays is assuming that people don’t like me. I think a lot of people struggle with this too. Whether it’s when someone doesn’t text us back right away we assume they hate us or jumping to the conclusion that the reason you didn’t get a tweet from everyone in your school on your birthday is because no one likes you. We all went through a stage in our lives when we could walk up to any kid on the playground and say “hey wanna be friends” and then immediately you started playing. Now that we’re older it takes us so long to develop friendships with people and even once we do we find it hard to believe that you both want to be friends with each other. I’m kind of just assuming that other people feel this way too but I could be completely wrong. It’s sad that we suddenly got scared of asking people straight up to play with us. We started caring what other people might think of us and finding the perfect friend group has become a necessity. Some of us are too scared to even ask to join someone at their lunch table due to fear of rejection but I bet the majority of people would love for you to sit with them. Why don’t we try assuming that people like us unless they tell us otherwise? Why don’t we ask the “popular” girl to hang out sometime? We fear the word no but if you never ask that’s what the answer will always be.

-Etta Grace