The Thought Beneath It All

I used to love to write as a child. The occasional story or poem here and there but I could really be myself on the blog my dad helped me start when I was 8. I had cool posts about inventions I wanted to create in the future and how my first experience skiing was. Beyond that my young brain didn’t know much else. As years went on I became distracted from my writing. I slowly began to walk away from something that I had always loved to do because I was too occupied hanging out with friends or watching Netflix. I don’t know if anyone will actually read my new blog but I’m happy that I’m getting back into something I have always loved so whether you’re my grandma reading this or someone I have never talked to I thank you for taking the time to share my love for reading and writing with me and I encourage you to start your own blog even if it’s just for yourself. This blog will serve as my way to talk about the things I am experiencing as a 16 year old living in Minnesota along with my stories about my growing faith in God. My writing usually starts on one path and ends up on a completely different one but please bear with me as we find the destination of my writing together:)

-Etta Grace

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